How to Auto-Populate Check boxes and radio buttons

By: Happy Formbuilder | Asked: 12/03/2022
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to Auto-Populate Check boxes and radio buttons
Happy Formbuilder asked 1 year ago
This link shows great how to Auto-Populate Form Fields Problem, the forms that I need auto-populating also have check box fields and radio options. How can such fields be auto populated in the same manner please? Thank you.
5 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
You can set the "watch" option to maybe the last name field as the field to watch. That sort of links it to the entry specific to that name, I do believe. Then it will auto populate the radio/checks from the entry linked.
Happy Formbuilder answered 1 year ago
Thank you. The problem is that there is no watch option for Radio options and check box fields..... For text fields the lookup option, which enables the watch option, is within the default value....nothing like this exists for check / radio...
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

Bobby is correct if you use Lookup fields. You can set the display type for Lookup fields to be a dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes, single line text, or list.

Happy Formbuilder replied 1 year ago

Thank you but I do not think this addresses my problem. I may have not been clear enough..., It is not how I can specify the lookup but the form. The problem is that I have a form that consists of text fields, radio buttons and check boxes. I do not see a method how I can auto populate check box entries or radio button entries. it is easy to do the text field entries as in the default value section it allows these to be specified.
Maybe I am missing something in what both, you and Boddy said but I dont think I have received an anwer yet that solves the problem. Really appreciate a solution. Thank you so very much

Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Do you have a license for Formidable Pro? You need Pro to use lookup fields. 
Happy Formbuilder replied 1 year ago

yes, my license is the Pro version.
It does not solve the problem though....

Happy Formbuilder answered 1 year ago
The attached shows the elements with a red circle that are available for a text filed type but not for a radio button array or checkbox array. Hence, its easy to do the auto population for text type fields but I am still needing a solution for check box and radio. Thank you.
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Both Bobby and I suggested using Lookup fields. You are not using Lookup fields. You are using the lookup option of a standard text field. While this will get you what you want with a single-line text field, as you already mentioned, the lookup option doesn't exist with radio buttons and checkboxes. However, Lookup fields can be displayed as radio button and checkbox fields. See this:

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