How to automatically update Profile information in User Posts

By: Michael Viens | Asked: 01/09/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to automatically update Profile information in User Posts
Michael Viens asked 1 year ago
We are working on a Searchable Member Listing site using Formidable Forms w Elementor. We are using a Formidable Forms Custom Registration form which collects their Profile information: Name, Bio, Photo, Skills. Members can then create multiple posts of the Locations where they offer their services. Currently, when they create a Location post, it automatically adds their Name, Skills etc. from their Registration form and they can then add the Address and Features of the clinic. A MapPress post is created for each Location in order to display a map for the Location in the Search Details View. The Listing is Seachable by Member Name, Skills etc. as well as Location and Features of the Clinic. If the Member wants to update their Profile information, how can we automatically update the respective fields in their existing Clinic Posts? Thank you for any recommendations you may have to offer. Michael

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