How to conditionally auto populate a field by filtering entries from another form?

By: Leonard Sch | Asked: 09/11/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to conditionally auto populate a field by filtering entries from another form?
Leonard Sch asked 7 months ago

I have a list of slack channels added to an entry via formidable API. 

Form #1: Each entry has two fields: [email] | [Slack channels list] => This data comes via API

Form #2: The user is already logged in so I know his [email], so I need to search the entry in form #1 and auto-populate a field with the slack channels based on his email. 

Issue A: I'm unable to filter the entry to auto-populate

I tried 2 fields

(1) Lookup field: filter by look up field => Doesn't show the [email] option

(2) Dynamic field: It doesn't have a look-up field option, and I'm not sure if "Limit options to those created by the current user" would work.

Issue B: I'm unable to display the list of channels as a checkbox with one option per channel

I tried using the Paragraph field and Checkbox field, and in both cases, after adding a manual entry, the list of channels displays inline as a single option.  form 2   form 1

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Everything you want to do is achievable, but not without custom code. In fact, your requirements may require a significant project to accomplish your goal. I suggest you consult with a developer.
Leonard Sch replied 7 months ago

<p>I already figured out issue A: I just needed to add an only-read field that fetched the [email], and then use a lookup field for the entries that have that [email]</p><p>But I haven't figured out Issue B, it looks like Formidable strips line breaks <br />  from inputs for paragraphs, rich text, and even the HTML field, so the fields in the checkbox lookup still showing on 1 line, even though the entry is a list and it has line breaks</p></p>

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

What make you think Formidable is doing this and not WordPress?

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