How to conditionally filter entries from another form?

By: Chris Titus | Asked: 10/11/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to conditionally filter entries from another form?
Chris Titus asked 6 months ago

I have two forms:

  1. Form A - I add new listings here
  2. Form B - This is a payment form - purchases of listings in Form A are recorded here

Goal: Create a view that only shows listings with less than 3 purchases. 

I thought this might be possible by using a nested view, but I'm a little lost. 

  • In Form B, I am saving the Entry ID from Form A when a purchase is made.
  • I thought it might be possible by using a conditional statement (e.g. frm-set-get)

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.






I figured this out.  In case anyone else has this problem, here's the solution

Place the following into the View for Form A 

[frm-set-get param=purchases][frm-stats id=123 123="[id]" type=count][/frm-set-get]

[frm-condition source=param param=purchases less_than=3]



The Form A View gets nested into Form B's View

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Chris Titus answered 6 months ago

While the above code works for one parameter, if I want to add a second parameter, it doesn't work.

Here's how I tried to add the code:

[frm-set-get param1=purchases1][frm-stats id=123 123="[id]" type=count][/frm-set-get]
[frm-condition source=param1 param1=purchases less_than=3]
[frm-set-get param2=priorpurchases][frm-stats id=345 345="[email]" type=count][/frm-set-get]
[frm-condition source=param2 param2=priorpurchases less_than=1]



The output on the page contains "[/frm-condition][/frm-condition]" above it.

Chris Titus replied 6 months ago

I've tried many variations of this, such as grouping both [frm-set-get] shortcodes together at the top, followed by the [frm-conditional] statements

Chris Titus replied 6 months ago

@Victor Font - Hi Victor, not sure if you look at threads that are re-opened, but any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 6 months ago

I had similar issues with a view and I *think* it was due to nested frm-condition commands and I think I solved it by removing one of the closing [/frm-condition] statements (which, yes, doesn't make any sense). Honestly, I remember it being a pain in the butt and a lot of trial and error to get around it. I'm not even sure that I fixed all the cases. Some help, huh?

Chris Titus replied 6 months ago

Thanks for your reply Rob. I had noticed the same thing, it removed the closing frm-condition statements that were displayed on screen. Unfortunately, it didn't actually provide the correct functionality. Thanks again!

Chris Titus replied 6 months ago

I've also noticed that using [frm-set-get] along with [frm-conditional] will break any if statements and will display that code on screen as well. I've reported this as a bug. Hopefully, it's something the FF team can fix.

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