How to display the next milestone date in a view

By: John Lenehan | Asked: 11/03/2022
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to display the next milestone date in a view
John Lenehan asked 1 year ago


Could you let me know if I\'m missing a simple solution, or do I need to write a custom shortcode?

I created a form with 3 Date fields. Each field represents the date of a milestone in a project.

For example:

Field 1 title: Milestone 1
Field 1 content: 01 Jan 2023

Field 2 title: Milestone 2
Field 2 content: 01 Feb 2023

Field 3 title: Milestone 3
Field 3 content: 01 Mar 2023

I want to create a view for the above form that displays the next milestone date.

If a user looked at the view today, they would see: Milestone 1 - 01 Jan 2023
If a user looked at the view after 01 Jan 2023, they see: Milestone 2 - 01 Feb 2023
If a user looked at the view after 01 Feb 2023, they see: Milestone 3 - 01 Mar 2023

I have tried to achieve the above using conditional statements in a view; for example:
[if x greater_than_or_equal_to=\"10\"]Add content here[/if x]

However, conditional statements require a string, and I need to use a shortcode, for example:
[if x greater_than_or_equal_to=\"[161]\"] which does not work. I have also tried to use the frm-condition shortcode however its conditions are too basic (equals, not_equal, greater_than, less_than, like), and it does not allow multiple conditions.
I\'m looking for something like this:

I know it\'s easy to sort entries, but I want to sort fields in an entry! Am I pushing formidable forms too far, or is there an easy solution I am overlooking?

Any guidance is appreciated



2 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
John Lenehan replied 1 year ago

Thank you for your suggestion Bobby

Filtering is used to display a filtered set of entry records.

I don't think it can be used to show certain field values within an entry.

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Got ya. With the conditional statements, try to compare the output of your 2 date fields and make sure they match up. Maybe place them outside of if statements. You might need to add format to the field id shortcode:

[x format="m/d/Y"]

John Lenehan replied 1 year ago

<p><p>Conditionals require a string, for example:[if 191 less_than_or_equal_to="2023-01-11"] Display date [191][/if 191]</p><p>This will work.</p><p>However, what I need is something like this:</p><p>[if 191 less_than_or_equal_to="[191]"] Display date [/if 191]</p><p>If I use a string it means a I have to make a new view for every entry.</p><p> </p></p>

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

The less_than_or_equal_to="[191]"] should be populating as 2023-01-11 (191 that is) if that is a value for the entry you are working with and it has the proper formatting defined.

John Lenehan replied 1 year ago

Hi Bobby

You can't use a shortcode in a conditional statement (I think). For example, the shortcode below is [192]:

[if 191 less_than_or_equal_to="[192]"] Show content [/if 191]

It is not mentioned anywhere here:

You can only use a string:

[if 191 less_than_or_equal_to="8 November 2022"] Show content [/if 233]

I hope I am overlooking something here.



John Lenehan answered 1 year ago
Hi I tried this method. However, the conditional options are too basic. This shortcode only allows 'equals, not_equal, greater_than, less_than, like'. It would at least need 'greater_than_or_equal_to' or 'less_than_or_equal_to'. To make my example work, it would also need to support two conditionals, for example: [frm-condition source=frm-field-value field_id=391 entry=[id] greater_than_or_equal_to="[191]" less_than="[192]"] Show content [/frm-condition] It does not support two conditionals. John    
Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

At this point you will have to write custom code. You should however reach out to the Formidable team and inquire why "than_or_equal" isn't available in the "frm-condition" shortcode. Additionally, most of the other shortcode that works with these queries allow you to use each parameter type once (example: less_than_or_equal, but also greater_than_or_equal in the same statement, but not less_than_or_equal and then less_than_or_equal again in the same statement). They should provide some clarity on that and ideally update code across the table for consistency. That's not my call though.

John Lenehan replied 1 year ago

I will follow up with the Formidable team about this.
Thank you, Bobby, for your help.
I appreciate it.

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Sure thing. Glad to try and help where I can. Take care.

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