How to duplicate entries (front end)

By: Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas | Asked: 07/27/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to duplicate entries (front end)
Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas asked 9 months ago
Hi guys Iam trying to add a link in the Front-end template of each entry in order to duplicate and create a copy I mean like in the admin section of Entries for a particular Form, there is: View, Edit, Duplicate, Delete As an Administrator clicking on Duplicate the entry is fully re-created with the difference of the current date and is great! Now i wants to give the same posibility to my users to duplicate any entry that they wants to   Some body can help me please Regards
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 9 months ago
Maybe this?
Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas replied 9 months ago

Hi, i did, i followed the instructions but it just open the Form but empty, i mean has no copied all data.

The link to duplicate detect the Entry Number and the User ID as creator


Seems like Short Code does not works, see attached picture were short code appear on top of the Form

Luis Gerardo Macareno Balderas replied 9 months ago

Sorry, my bad, the PHP code was not in Functions.php, now works great!

Thanks for your help!

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