How to insert a repeater entries from another form to a new form using entry id

By: Bright Madire | Asked: 07/21/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to insert a repeater entries from another form to a new form using entry id
Bright Madire asked 9 months ago
In form A, customer make a list of requests using a repeater fields: (item name, description, quantity). in form B, the supplier respond by add prices and expiry to the list of requests. so instead of making another list, in supplier's form the repeater should already be populated with option to fill the fields: (price and expiry) on each row in a list. What I have tried but no way to use [foreach x][/foreach]  
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Victor Font answered 9 months ago
Repeaters require special handling. A repeater is an embedded form with it's own entry id tied to the parent entry. Each repeater row is an individual form entry in the database. If you want to copy repeater entries to another repeater in a different form, you require custom code. It's not something you can do through default value shortcodes.
Bright Madire replied 9 months ago

Any hint or code snippets where it has been done before? I'm new to wordpress hence formidable!

Victor Font replied 9 months ago

I know @Rob LeVine has been doing work with repeaters recently. He posted about it in my Formidable Masterminds Facebook group. You could check with him. Also, I have this tutorial that dives into repeater structures, but as it pertains to jQuery and front end data manipulation. It could help understand the repeater architecture.

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