How to make a subscription for "basic" and "featured" options

By: Elisa Collins | Asked: 07/19/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to make a subscription for "basic" and "featured" options
Elisa Collins asked 9 months ago
Hi there, I'm a new user and trying to build a database where I can have individuals list themselves on a publicly searchable database and pay a monthly or annual fee to be listed.  I'd like to create 2 types of listings: basic and featured. How can I go about this so that they get a different checkout form/pricing and features of their service based on their selection? Isn't this a feature of the database-builder within Formidable Forms?
Bobby Clapp replied 9 months ago

This isn't a feature of Formidable Forms. Permissions and role based accessibility is relatively limited.

It's a bit more complicated than can be discussed here, but you could create register user form and then create some user meta for the role type "basic" and "featured" and then use those as filters in your view.

It will take some research and effort. You can use this reference to help you understand how to do such a thing, but it isn't spelled out. You may need a third-party developer to assist you.

You might also use stripe or paypal add-ins to collect payments and such.

You can try and do it all manually with some sort of user role plugin that limits visibility of pages based on role as well, but again, research and effort are required, and it isn't always spelled out.

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