How to print event Name tags that include photo user has provided

By: Joe Semones | Asked: 04/14/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toHow to print event Name tags that include photo user has provided
Joe Semones asked 1 month ago
We are holding a reunion for which attendees are now registering. We'd like to have registrants upload a picture they want on their name tag. I know I can export key elements,  Name, class, etc to a CSV file, but I wonder how the photos get exported. Since that might add a bunch of extra complexity, I thought of creating a view which would be the name tag and could include the photo.

1. Can I create a pdf from the view described above and provide the sizing needed in a say 2" x 3" format? If so, could they be printed from the view formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 Avery Label paper?

2. Is the CSV export process smart enough to export the picture image from the media folder on the WP server so we can use a traditional mail merge if we are unable to print directly from WP or format a pdf page from a view?

I hope this is clear. If not, please feel free to probe, or point out the obvious.
3 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 month ago
You don't need to export anything to CSV. That's a long way around to print a label. I don't know that you can export the image yourself, you would export the URL for the image. CSVs are text files. You cannot have an image in a text file. You could create a view that displays the image and print those on site or in advance. It seems like your going through a lot of trouble to do a task that's relatively easy. Why are you exporting at all?
Joe Semones answered 1 month ago
Thanks for your reply. I certainly would prefer not to export to CSV. I just wasn't certain I'd be able to format the information to be included by way of a view. I suppose with a bit of cutting and trying, it's possible. At that point, do I just print the page with has the view with the content arranged so it'll fit the label stock?

Thanks again.
Victor Font replied 1 month ago

Can you use a label printer instead of a full size sheet? The reason I'm asking is because Avery 2 x 3 labels come 10 per sheet. I'm not sure how you would print 1 label and tell the system which of the 10 you want to print. A printer like this may be easier to use:

Joe Semones replied 4 weeks ago

I like your idea of using continuous feed label stock. It's much easier to print three labels each for the single registrant or three for the registrant and three for their guest. (We don't want to print labels over and over, with all that involves, so we'll print them ahead of time.

So my main issue now is doing the label layout on a view. I have seen html guidance at and tried laying out the label accordingly. In general it works, but once I start sizing the picture to fit, things get wild pretty quickly. Part of the issue is that we'll be asking the user to upload a photo of them with the registration. The sizing of the photo is a risk. I have played with limiting the image size in px, but results are inconsistent, sometimes the head is cropped, sometimes not. Is there an article within FF which shows a clear process on this topic?

Joe Semones answered 1 month ago
Thanks Victor.

Our situation is a bit more complex (of course). Some registrants have a +1 which they've indicated when registering. I imagined we'd print the 3 tags per registrant and their guest. So, I figured I'd have two views to print from, one which prints on each column of labels for the couples, another view which only prints on the left column for individual registrants. Then we could turn the half-printed page around to use the other half.    That said, all of this may fall flat when we get to the second page of labels where the first label for a couple is on one sheet and the second and third are on the second page. It's highly dependent on getting the html formatting worked out to align with the 5164 label stock.     I'll take a look at the Brother label printer you suggested.

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