HTML in Waiver Form - Does not Print to PDF

By: Mark Stevens | Asked: 01/04/2023
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Mark Stevens asked 1 year ago
Hello! I am new to Formidable Forms and I'm using the program for my website's Waiver and Hold Harmless agreement. I've put together a form and I'm using an HTML field for all of the legalese that I need. The waiver then gets sent to my office email address for my staff to update records with. The problem is that the HTML does not print to PDF when the entry gets created, so I get the form that has my section header, consent checked off, and the signature field -- but I'm missing all the legalese from my waiver. Is there a way to get the HTML field to print or is there another field type I should use for this? Thank you for any help! Best regards,
Mark PS: When I view the Form Entries, the HTML field also does not display. 
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago
Is creating a view an option?

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