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By: Rick Warda | Asked: 02/04/2023
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Rick WardaRick Warda asked 1 year ago
I had to do a mass update a bunch of entries.
I figured the easiest way would be to export to .csv, then import back with the field adjusted since there is no "Bulk Field Update" feature in Formidable.
However,  we keep our customer's Billing Addresses and Credit Card info on file (not CVV of course)
I just read that I could import the billing info back by formatting all the address fields into one column separated by commas.
But what about the Credit Card number & exp dates?

I don't see that in the formidable documentation.
Has anyone successfully done this?   Thank You, Rick
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
The credit card field group stores its data as a serialized array as shown in the comment:
Victor Font replied 1 year ago


Victor Font replied 1 year ago

The credit card field provides 4 options for saving a credit card number. One of these options is to save the entire credit card number, which is not recommended. Saving a credit card number to your database subjects you to PCI compliance. This means if you store credit card details in your WordPress database, the credit card numbers either have to be masked to display only the last 4 numbers of the CC as the default Formidable option does, or you need to encrypt the credit card number if you store the full credit card number. Please see this:

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