Importing CSV Addresses, Two Questions

By: Brent Sherman | Asked: 10/23/2022
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Brent ShermanBrent Sherman asked 1 year ago
Hi There, Is it possible to import CSV addresses with "Add Address Autocomplete" and "Show Map" Geolocation boxes checked?

Also, is it possible to import CSV addresses and somehow mapping the comma separated address, city, state, zip fields to the single Address field into my form? So far, I've had no success with either of these kinds of imports. Thanks, Brent PS: Is there a way I can turn on notifications for new questions, so I can be aware of new questions help out answering them in the community?
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago

re: "Add Address Autocomplete" and "Show Map" - Those are field-level attributes, not entry-level attributes, so you can't do that, though if you provide a use case, maybe I'd understand what you're trying to do.

I will try to answer the address import question, though others might have more info than I do. I know that importing addresses like this has been an issue before. If you export entries with an address field, you'll note that there are both an address column and a column for each address piece (line1, line2, etc). Hell if I know why, because when you import, you can't import into the individual fields, i.e., they're not listed in the "Corresponding Field" column. So that option is out. Then I thought about using the frm_after_create_entry hook to construct the address from the pieces, but frm_after_create_entry isn't called during an import.

So, the only solution I can think of is adding to your form hidden fields for line1, line2, city, etc. and then importing into those fields. Then, write a PHP program that loops over all the entries and constructs the address from the pieces. It's not too hard, though definitely above the "novice" coding level.

As for subscribing to all new questions, I get a notification for each new question, though I see nothing in my profile that shows how it knows to do that for me. When this community first started, I specifically requested that for my account and Bobby from Formidable waved her magic wand and set it up for me. So maybe you can contact Formidable Support and ask for it (and maybe even ask for it to be made as an option that anyone can request in their profile).

Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

Maybe put all of your data into a view and then you can export that to CSV? Not ideal, but another alternative method for you.

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