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By: Vince Dimanno | Asked: 09/20/2023
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Vince DimannoVince Dimanno asked 7 months ago
I'm attempting to import a file that has fields mapped to dynamic fields. Some of those fields do not import. They show in the "Entries" view in the backend, but do not show in a View. They are also blank when editing. So, they are being imported and into the correct fields, but then not being picked up by the system.  Frustratingly, other dynamic fields are being picked up and then in a View, they are duplicated for some reason.  I've fixed up a single entry, exported it, cleaned out all my entries and then re-imported this one good clean entry and there is no change. I feel like there is something I'm missing with importing dynamic fields. Anyone with insight into this? Thank you!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Dynamic fields store the id of a lookup table's entry. When you import a CSV that includes a dynamic field, you must include the entry id of the targeted row in the lookup table. If you're using any other value than what currently exists in the lookup table, the import will produce the results you're seeing.

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