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By: lauren scott | Asked: 06/02/2023
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lauren scott asked 11 months ago
Ok so a follow up question to my earlier question.  I sort of solved the embed form issue, however a new issue has come up.  I am using a link to  update a field in a form (I have a hidden field to hold the user id)  I want to transfer the entry to another user by updating the hidden user id field to the new user id.  However, when I use the [frm-entry-update-field id=[id] field_id=101 value="0" ]  it works great.  However, is there a method to redirect to another page, or insert a "Next" button or link to move on to the next step?   Also, I tried to refresh the page, but all that did was refresh the page, I need a method to move to another page after the field is updated.   thank you
lauren scott replied 11 months ago

Solved. I am stupid I guess. All I had to do is ad an href url to the message. I had to use single quotes around the href= however it works. So now I can show the data, click the link to update a field and I get a message confirming the field has been updated, and a "Next" link to move to the next page.

Sorry, but this has illuded me for 3 days, but it works now.

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