Is it possible to make a page repeatable?

By: Andrew Christensen | Asked: 11/01/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toIs it possible to make a page repeatable?
Andrew Christensen asked 6 months ago
I've got a form wherein there's a series of questions, starting with a radio button point list. In the radio list, one option is to trigger 4 fields to appear. Another option is supposed to show a repeater field.

But if I put the radio buttons inside a repeater, I can only set one field to appear when the radio button list is changed. The system appears to only allow one use if inside a repeater. And it won't let me add a section to the repeater either so I can't set the section to appear.

On top of that I have a bunch of other fields that need to be repeated as well which are inside of sections on the page.

Essentially this is like a job application where the applicant can click the Add button to add another page for each employer. But I can't figure out how to make the whole page of the form repeat.

I did end up creating another form for these fields and tried adding it as an embedded form. But I still can't add it to a repeater.

Any ideas?
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Victor Font answered 6 months ago
Repeaters ARE embedded forms. You can't embed a form in another embedded form, neither can you embed a section into a repeater. I don't understand what you mean by making a page repeatable. Are you asking about duplicating an entry? You need to explain your process in more detail.
Andrew Christensen replied 6 months ago

in this application, the applicant needs to provide an income declaration for each household member. So earlier in the form the applicant might enter say 4 people as being part of the household. But only 3 of those are over 18 years old. So for all 3 of those individuals they have to fill out the income declaration that has the same set of radio buttons which trigger some other fields to appear depending upon those answers. If the last radio button is checked it needs to show a repeater for the user to enter as many sources of income as they have.

The problem is that I don't know how many of these income declarations I need to have in the form. I was hoping to build it once and give the user the ability to click Add to add another copy of the form to fill out. So there might be just one or there could be many.

Not sure how to accomplish this.

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