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By: Henrik Loechner | Asked: 02/28/2023
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Henrik Loechner asked 1 year ago

Hi there! i did not yet make it to dig deeper into formidable forms. Maybe you can give me some hints? I am trying to find a solution for a woocommerce online platform, where members/subscribers can access restricted video and audio content for streaming/online watching. I am still unshure which way of video hosting I should use, to host myself with Divi Video Module, HTML5 Video Player etc, or use Jetpack videopress, flowplayer or even flickrocket, or vimeo.. For now I used Divi Video Moduile on pages or posts, and those pages are access protected by woocommerce. In the members area, the user can list the purchased content.  I would like to achive, that the user, that is logged in the members area and has bought the access to video and audio content, can now create a "presentation" of the audio and video files. This is for teachers, that can prepare a class presentation for their next classes, and then play all presentation steps in a fullscreen mediaplayer. Like:

  • [PREPARE] create new presentation --> add element --> choose video or audio files from one-time purchased woocommerce digital products OR memberships/subscriptions --> apply
  • create new presentation -> add element -> add PAUSE / wait for play button  -> apply
  • [PERFORM] play presentation full screen to audience without seeing the browser backend. press space to play/pause and otherwise stays in full screen
  • the teacher can access those presentation in the members area and can maybe even modify the saved presentations.

would be greatful for help! cheers henrik    

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