limit number of entries based on the number on a feild

By: Ijeoma Eze-Adenka | Asked: 03/21/2024
ForumsCategory: How-tolimit number of entries based on the number on a feild
Ijeoma Eze-Adenka asked 4 weeks ago
Hello,   I am hoping to get assistance on how to limit the form submission based on the value of a field.   Issue1: I have a form with other fields and a number field that counts the number of registrations. I use woocommerce to display the products. Users will click on a product, it opens and the user enters their information on the form¬† - the user can select a single or couple. if single is selected, the number field will populate a 1, if a couple, the number field will populate a 2. Then the user will add to the cart. I want to stop users from accessing the form if the sum of this number field is 200. How can I do that?     Issue2; I have another form with another number field.   How can I limit the two forms when the sum of the total from issue #1 and the total on issue #2 is 300?   Thanks   Ijeoma    

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