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By: Amelie Müller | Asked: 05/14/2024
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Amelie Müller asked 2 weeks ago
Hi there, I'm building a booking form on a client's website which asks for the city zip code first, so the customer doesn't waste their time if his location isn't within the companies delivery zone. I also have the city code question right at the top of the homepage (in a seperate form) and if the zip code is within the delivery zone, this form submit redirects to the full multistep form. However the first page of the multistep form also has the city code question and it would be annoying for the customer, if they had to type in it again after just having done so. I do need it to be there because not all customers come straight from the homepage form redirect. So I was wondering if it was possible to redirect from the small homepage form directly to the second page of the multistep form, which is on a separate webpage. Something like if that exists.... Can anyone help?
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 5 days ago

Have a look at conditional redirects ->

You can pass the value entered in the first form to the second form via a parameter that you'll have to code into the redirect. Something like

You can then set that as the fields default value in the second form with [get param=myparam].

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