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By: Tudor Oman | Asked: 11/29/2022
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Tudor Oman asked 1 year ago
Hi I am trying to figure out how to use my formidable forms login form along with members. When someone goes to a page that is restricted I have placed the login form below the "Sorry you dont have access" message. But with the default setting they get redirected to the homepage on login.  Is there a way of using the formidable forms login code to keep them on the page they were trying to view? Thanks Tudor
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

It sounds like you've marked this as a "private site". https://members-plugin.com/docs/private-site/

Tudor Oman replied 1 year ago

Hi - thanks. I previously used that plugin. The site is not locked down anymore. I have a membership area and use Membership plugin for access. The reason I ask is I have a formidable form that collects a report - admin are then informed of the submission and go to the Report admin page which is restricted to Report administrators - for them to review and complete the form they need to login. If I redirect them from the formidable email to the correct page and they are not already logged they need to login - but when they do formidable forms always redirects to the assigned login page. I want them to login and stay on the page that had the restricted access so they dont then need to use the menu to find it again.

Long winded explanation.

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Seems like this might make sense then -> https://wordpress.org/plugins/peters-login-redirect/

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