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By: Dan Leary | Asked: 02/26/2023
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Dan Leary asked 1 year ago
I am trying to create a form that inserts a specific value into a mailchimp audience database. The value saved would be based on a dropdown that the user chooses. Currently they only way I see to do this is to name the option values of the dropdown to be exactly the value I want placed into Mailchimp.  In the Tags section of Add to Mailchimp options, I am able to do what I want, which is to check if a form field(the drop down) matches a specific value then enter in a specific value into Mailchimp that is different from the form's value picked by the user. But that option is limited to just Tags in Formidable Forms. So I can't do that in other data fields. Example: The form has a dropdown with "I am vegetarian" and "I am vegan" but then in my Mailchimp database, I have a custom data field that is Diet Restrictions and I already use "vegetarian" and "vegan" as values. They way it currently works, the form will add "I am vegetarian" into the mailchimp database rather than "vegetarian". I don't see any way to transform "I am vegetarian" into "vegetarian" so that I can match our existing naming convention. (I know I could just change the drop down to say exactly the value I want, but in my actual work case that won't work. Just works out in the example.)
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago

Is there any reason you can’t use separate values for your drop-down?

Dan Leary replied 1 year ago

That is exactly what I needed.
Didn't realize that was an option and I was certainly looking in the wrong place. Was looking in the Mailchimp Actions & Notifications section rather than the form field editor itself.
Thank you!

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