Mapping a dynamic field to ACF custom field

By: Thibault Nicholl | Asked: 11/25/2023
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Thibault Nicholl asked 5 months ago
Hello all! So I have a form that I've set up to create a CPT with all fields mapped to ACF custom fields. Pretty much all my fields are text, date, or dropdowns so no trouble there.  Just one is causing me problems (which happens to be the most important field of all T_T ). It's a dynamic field that is pulling a list of names from another form. I know that dynamic fields aren't out-of-the-box supported between FF and ACF... so if I map it to an ACF text field I get a number instead of the desired text/name. But does anyone know a workaround? I really need the selected name to be saved to a custom field.  Maybe there's a way of automatically copying the value of a dynamic field to a simple text field... then mapping that to an ACF text field.  See attached. The field I'm trying to map to ACF is 'Client' (top left) Thanks, Thibault 
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Victor Font answered 5 months ago
You are mapping an unsupported field type to an ACF field. The list of supported fields types are in Formidable's ACF documentation here: This means to accomplish your goal, you've transported yourself into the realm of custom coding. I suggest starting here:
Victor Font replied 5 months ago

BTW, your approach should work if you use a Pro Lookup field instead of a dynamic field. Lookup fields store text values. Dynamic values store the entry id. Dynamic fields are most useful for displaying your data in views since you can show any field in the lookup record.

In fact, when it comes to CPTs, I no longer store data for them anywhere other than Formidable. I build my associated WordPress CPT templates with Formidable Views. If Formidable is the source data system, under the "single source of truth" data philosophy, why would I display it with anything other than a Formidable View?

To build a Formidable driven CPT template, follow along with this article: The PHP is simple.

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