Mapping data about one form into another.

By: Adam Faith | Asked: 01/11/2023
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Adam Faith asked 1 year ago
Hello community! I am working on a student home rental website, where the user creates several editable entries on a "add new housemate" form, with each entry being a profile for a different housemate. The "add new housemate" form is a quiz form, which allows me to create a score for each student profile which will dictate the quality of the applications to add simplicity for potential landlords on the site. I want the user to be able to submit a simplified version of these profiles to landlords through a SECOND form, called "group profile" which automatically includes mapped information such as group size and the averaged scores from each form (if possible) as well as other information the user can enter about their group as a whole. This data I can derive from shortcodes that retrieve information about the scores and number of entries in the "add new housemate" form. My only problem is that I cannot find a way to map this type of data from one form to another, if it is possible at all. Does anyone know if this is possible, or what an alternative solution could be? 
Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Is this a repeat? I feel like we've discussed this before in another thread.

Adam Faith replied 1 year ago

Not to my knowledge! I did have a query about inserting one view into another, but nothing about form entry mapping.

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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
What you want to do is possible. Not knowing your system and the details of what you want done makes it difficult to explain how. When do you want this second form entry created? Do you want to create the simplified form when the first form's entries are added or updated? If you're creating a summary form, you may have to create your own shortcodes as well.
Adam Faith replied 1 year ago

Hello Victor,
Thanks so much for interacting!

Here's the part of my plan I know how to do:
First the user will fill out their registration form, then they will be directed (after submitting their registration) to a secondary 'group profile' form. Here, there will be a couple 'read only' fields which display info such as 'group size', '# of men', '# of women', 'group score' etc. Each of these values will be 0, because the user has not created any house members yet through the 'create new housemate' form. There will also be a couple of fields they can fill out, which are just general housing group questions such as '# of cars' etc. Once this form is submitted, they will officially be registered, and can begin creating housemates. 'New housemate' entries can then be created an edited at any time, and the 'group profile' form can also be viewed and edited at any time.

What I don't know how to do, is create a pathway between the 'create new housemate' entries and the group profile. Ideally, whenever a 'create new housemate' entry is edited or created, fields in the 'group profile' form will be changed accordingly (ex. when a new housemate form is created/deleted, the field: 'group size' goes up/down).

My apologies for the extensive inquiry, please feel free to answer this at your leisure.

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