Nested views does not work on details

By: Jeroen Pernot | Asked: 06/19/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toNested views does not work on details
Jeroen Pernot asked 1 month ago

I am starting with Formidable Forms and I have an issue. I made two forms with a shared custom ID (sequential number) named Kind ID. The second form is based on Look up field and extra information.

Form 1: registration of child name and Kind ID (Viewid 1876)

Form 2: Extra information about the child. (Viewid 1854)

I created two Views. In the Parent view the information of the Child view must be visible with the information of the second form

In my Views in the Backend I see everything displayed, but when I preview the view I see the results in the listing page, but no entries on the detailpage. Also when the views are live.... What am I doing wrong? Please assist, because It took already a lot of time....

I followed all the steps of



I can provide wp-admin acces

I need to develop a CRM system and I am stuck in the beginning. This could be the start with a small fee ending up in a big project.



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