Nested Views on one Table

By: Michael Thomas | Asked: 10/02/2022
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Michael Thomas asked 2 years ago

Hello,   I have 2 forms and 2 views. I've been able to create a page showing the info from the two forms, however..

Form A has - 01/01/2022, 12
Form B has - 56, 23

Both Forms have a shared field (not shown here) When I view the page, it displays like this..  

01/01/2022, 12

56, 23


02/01/2022, 13, 

64, 23 



What I really need is to be in a table like this..  

01/01/2022, 12, 56, 23
02/01/2022, 13, 64, 23

So, View A + View B combined in a tabe

Any ideas?

Much Appreciated M      

1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
Add the parameter "wpautop=0" to your view shortcode. It's likely that paragraphs are being added automatically.

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