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By: Ad Williams | Asked: 01/20/2023
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Ad Williams asked 1 year ago
Hi, I would like to have a dropbox with 1 to 4 options. Depending on the number you choose, say 2, certain fields show up. For example, I choose 2, Then two duplicate entry forms show up each with name, address, email, if a member field which if they choose yes then a certain amount shows up, if they choose no, another amount shows up, and then one more field with with a monetary amount  So if they choose 4, four of the exact same entry forms show up.  Then depending on how many entry forms there are, the fields with dollar amounts calculate and a total amount shows on the form. They then connect to PayPal to pay.  So the entry form would have: Name
Member? Yes=95 No-165
Food=15 Total of all forms = 300
Go to PayPal to pay 300 Hopefully that makes sense!
Dr. Flow replied 1 year ago

Got to be a project for a paid developer to me.

1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

Depends on your depends... haha

Does it have to be an actual separate form? If not, you can have a drop down and based on what option chosen you can have whatever fields you want show up based on a conditional that checks against that drop-down. Calculations and PayPal can be done.

Sounds like a developer may be needed as stated.


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