Passing Param in Modal Shortcode

By: Russell Guilfoile | Asked: 02/10/2023
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Russell Guilfoile asked 1 year ago
Is it possible to pass a parameter in a modal? I have a view of Form 1 with a modal for Form 2. Here is the modal shortcode: [frmmodal-content modal_title=" " size="large" label="Form 2"][formidable id=2 exclude_fields="1474" trans_param="[383]" service_param="[384]"][/frmmodal-content] I want to pass the value in Form 1, field [383] into the modal Form 2 field with [get param="trans_param"]. Same with Form 1, field [384] into the modal Form 2 field with [get param="service_param"]. 
Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

Both of these are forms and not views, correct? I suspect then you are hoping on key press it bounces around the values or something like that?

Russell Guilfoile replied 1 year ago

I was imprecise in my description. The modal is in a view of Form 1. My goal is that when opening the Form 2 modal, that selected Form 2 fields populate with selected values from the Form 1 view entry where the modal is.

Bobby Clapp replied 1 year ago

So you need to load parameters in the view for form one with something like [frm-set-get contact_email="[26]"]. If the view for form 1 has more than one entry, that may cause an issue. You may need to have a detailed view that can load that parameter with the correct expected value coming from the entry.

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