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By: Jarlath Gantly | Asked: 11/18/2023
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Jarlath Gantly asked 5 months ago
Hi, I want to utilise Formidable to create a routine inspection form across a fleet of vehicles. I can create a form to record the the inspection, that’s no problem but I’m wondering is there an option within the drop down menus to display “vehicle 1” to “vehicle 50”. When inspecting “Vehicle 1” that’s selected from the menu and once that’s selected in a given period it can’t be selected again, thus highlighting to the engineer the remaining vehicles to be inspected that week? I know this is a fairly specific request but was thinking could we allocate stock items - vehicle 1 - 1 in stock, etc so that once it’s selected it can’t be selected again? 

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
This is the basic approach: You'll have to add code to calculate the time period.
Jarlath Gantly replied 5 months ago

Hi Victor, that’s amazing, thank you. I have to say Formidable is so flexible and as a startup business the pricing is out of this world too. Thanks again.

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