Relating entries between two different forms?

By: Jeff C | Asked: 08/24/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toRelating entries between two different forms?
Jeff C asked 8 months ago
So in the most basic sense, at minimum, what I'm trying to do is create anew entry for the internal use only form that copies the name and email address fields from a specific entry in the public contact form. But it's these "really nice to have" functions I'm unclear of on how best to implement (assuming it's even possible). Ideally, when viewing the entry in the public form, I'd like a button or link not viewable to the public that will launch the creation of a new entry in the internal use only form and copy the contact field values, OR, if a related entry in the internal use form already exists it simply brings up the pre-existing entry for editing. In the internal-use only form, it would be nice to have some function/link/button that would take me to the entry for the public form it pulled the contact data from. And it would be REALLY nice to have either a hidden date-time field in the public form that is the date and time the associated internal-use only form entry was created or vice versa.  I don't think this is realistic.  I think I'd basically just have to use Views, to be able to view the create date from both forms but then how would the view know which entries from two different forms are associated with each other?  This maybe a separate topic in itself.  

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