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By: Elizabeth Maher | Asked: 08/03/2023
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Elizabeth Maher asked 8 months ago
Hi. We have a PRO license.  We upload a lot of photos, it's more or less a real estate listing form. My client would like to be able to rearrange photos after they've been uploaded. Is this possible via either the form I have built using the multiple file upload form element, or perhaps in the media library? I think we asked this a couple of years ago and it was not possible then, hoping it has been added, or there is a plugin for it now.
1 Answers
Elizabeth Maher answered 8 months ago
No response, no go?
Victor Font replied 8 months ago

Reordering photos has nothing to do with Formidable. Photos are added to the WordPress media library, which does not have a reordering function.

If you want to reorder photos, you'll have to do this with custom code. Where you execute code is variable depending on whether you are using a view or on the form. With a view, I would create a custom shortcode that does the sorting and displays the images in the selected order.

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