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By: Bobby Singh | Asked: 11/16/2023
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Bobby Singh asked 5 months ago
Hello,   I am a trying to set up an internal form that my agents fill out that will goto accounting. However since they will be filling out vendor data as well on the form I would like to send specific information filled about the vendor to go to the vendor as a request. ( I hope that makes sense ) This way I can avoid them having to do double work. ie .. filling out one form for accounting and then having to fill out another form for the vendor.   I am getting stuck with the repeater fields for the vendor in the confirmation area. It is combing the info into one line. (Screenshot attached.) Is there a way I can separate the data out in the confirmation email for repeaters?   My apologies if I did not explain well.
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 5 months ago
Have you tried the strategy outlined here?
Bobby Singh replied 5 months ago

Hi Rob,

I have not tried that but Iwill now. Thank you. I'm assuming editing the confirmation message is the best practice to show results for only specific fields I want to send to the vendor?

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 5 months ago

I can't really say what the best practice is in this situation. My suggestion is to set up a view that displays the data how you want and put the view shortcode into whatever vehicle it is you use to display the information: 1. Confirmation message, 2. Confirmation Email, 3. Redirect to a page that displays the view (not too much different than option 1).

Bobby Singh replied 5 months ago

Thanks Rob! That was really helpful.

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