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By: CISSSMC Informatique | Asked: 03/24/2023
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CISSSMC Informatique asked 1 year ago
Good morning,
I have a form that I need to make read-only. For all fields, I do it via the following php code:
$values['read_only'] = 1;
Unfortunately, this does not work with the "Repeater", how to set the fields of a "Repeater" to read only?
1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago
I created a simple case and it works fine for me, so I'm guessing that you're setting the repeater field to read-only, rather than the field(s) inside the repeater. For example, my repeater field is 497 and my field inside the repeater is 499. I set "$values['read_only'] = 1;" for 499, not 497.

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