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By: Laken crowell | Asked: 09/19/2023
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Laken crowell asked 7 months ago
Hi! We currently have 19 views. Each view is displayed on its own webpage on the front-end. Each view lists names of people.

Our hope is that when a user searches a name in the default WordPress search bar, they will see any views that name is in.

Is there a way that the default WordPress search can search form entries displayed in views? Or is there a plugin that can do this?
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
Form entries are not stored in views. Views display content that is stored in Formidable's frm_items and frm_item_metas tables. Before you can search for a value in a view, the view has to be rendered on a page where you can search with the browser, but not WordPress search. You could create your own search form using Formidable. See this:

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