Select an entry from drop down lookup and edit that entry and save the update

By: Steven M | Asked: 08/06/2023
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Steven MSteven M asked 8 months ago
Hi I have a form with two fields:
  1. Lookup drop-down, which selects an id field.
  2. Paragraph field, which includes a description.
The form works where I select an id from the dropdown, and it populates the paragraph field with the existing content for that entry. I now want to edit that paragraph field and save it without creating a new entry. I have " Allow front-end editing of entries " enabled. On submission, the form creates a new entry and does not update the existing one. How do I now make sure the form entry is updated on submit and doesn't create a new entry? I have tried Views but cannot get it to work. It seems like a simple use case, and I am sure there is a simple answer. Thanks!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 8 months ago
Navigate to Form Permissions on the form's settings screen and check "Limit number of entries". Set the value to 1.
Steven MSteven M replied 8 months ago

<p>Thanks, Victor, but this did not work. I edit the entry and select "update", and it creates a new entry. It just keeps creating multiple entries.</p>

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

Are your users creating entries while logged in? If your users are logged in and you are have the user_id field on the form, limit entries is the only way to assure one entry per person. If you're doing all of this already, then there's something wrong in your setup. You'll need to walk through troubleshooting steps or hire a developer to help troubleshoot with you. If you need a developer's help, please visit

Steven MSteven M replied 8 months ago

Thanks, Victor, I have formidable looking at a potential issue.

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