Separate views for agents and subscribers

By: Fraser Gilmartin | Asked: 11/20/2023
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Fraser Gilmartin asked 5 months ago
Hi,   I’m new to the formidable forms community and was seeking some advice on the below: I have created a website for a recruitment agency and have created a user registration form (including sensitive details such as passport uploads and bank details) and a login page form. I would like to allow subscribers (the workers) to login and be directed to their details only where they can view them and change them and I would like to allow the agents (3/4 of them) access to view all of the current registered workers details. 

I have created a User Registration page in views that would list all the active registered users and a detailed page to click on each user and see all the details and I would like the agents to see this. 

I have tried a few things but I’m unsure where to start as I have tried registering as a user but it is not appearing in views, also when I log in it goes straight to the empty view page of all the users. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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