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By: Philip Clayton | Asked: 07/11/2022
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Philip ClaytonPhilip Clayton asked 2 years ago

Hello, how have others managed to "total up" the values of a number field in a repeater and stop the number field from exceeding this?

Eg, in this use case, a limit of 8 is to be set regardless of how many repeater rows with this number field there are. The screenshot attached explains exactly what's needed. All 3 quantity fields must not total more than 8.

Currently, the one repeater row is set 1-8 min/max.

Kind regards and thanks for anybody's time replying

Edit: updated screenshot to be as clear as possible.








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Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
Try this. This is a manipulation of the code found here -> add_filter( 'frm_validate_field_entry', 'check_repeating_value_for_duplicates', 10, 4 ); function check_repeating_value_for_duplicates( $errors, $posted_field, $posted_value, $args ){ if ( $posted_field->id == 12692 ) { //Replace 12692 with the ID of the repeater field. $field_to_check = 12694; //Replace 12694 with the ID of the field inside the repeater. $vals = array(); if ( ! isset( $_POST['item_meta'][ $posted_field->id ] ) ) { return $errors; } foreach ( $_POST['item_meta'][ $posted_field->id ] as $row_num => $section_vals ) { if ( $row_num === 'form' ) { continue; } array_push( $vals, $_POST['item_meta'][ $posted_field->id ][ $row_num ][ $field_to_check ] ); } if( array_sum($vals) > 8 ){ $errors[ $field_to_check ] = 'The total of quantities must be 8 or less.'; } } return $errors; }
Philip ClaytonPhilip Clayton replied 2 years ago

Hi Bobby, thanks for this, it does indeed refuse to submit a form with a total of more than 8. Thank you for your time, I'll send this to formidable to put in their documentation so it's also easily findable.

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