SKIP Unapplicable Pages Based on Conditional Logic in Multi-Form

By: Rex AZ | Asked: 04/20/2024
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Rex AZRex AZ asked 1 month ago
I am using page breaks for formidable forms Pro to split my form fields into multiple pages. I am also using conditional logic to show or hide fields depending on the value of a previous field(s). Now I understand how page breaks and multi-parts of a form works, thanks to Victor for his simple explanation. Based on the above, when I choose an outcome that does not require fields to be displayed and I click the next button, it moves me to the next page that does not concern me, but shows me a blank page with only next and previous buttons available (indicating that the conditional logic is taking effect) However, that is not what I want to achieve.

How do skip the pages/stages that does not apply and go straight to the page/step that applies to a user when he clicks the next button after selecting a value that differs in outcome from another user who is expecting to see some fields displayed for him when he clicks next?

I do not know if my explanation makes sense. But simply, see the algo of what i want to achieve below:

1. Choose/Enter value 2. If value = A, GOTO 5 else Goto 3 3. Form fields for Value that is not A
4. Form Fields for Value that is still not A 5. Form Fields for value that is A 6. End
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Bobby Clapp answered 1 month ago
Additionally, page break fields themselves have conditional logic. Maybe if all the fields equal or do not equal a certain value, the page break isn't shown?
Rex AZRex AZ replied 1 month ago

This was what I actually did and go it to work...

Thanks for your contributions though.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 month ago
While I don't recall having done this yet, I imagine you could just jQuery/JS to do this. Take a look at the buttons/icons used on the rootline to get an idea of what values are needed. e.g.,
Rex AZRex AZ replied 1 month ago

Not a fan of jQuery/JS.

Thanks Rob.

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