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By: Enrico Brugnoni | Asked: 05/31/2023
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Enrico Brugnoni asked 11 months ago
I have a wordpress website with formidable forms pro and views installed, i have created a form with different fields, i display such form in the front-end using the formidable views. I also have installed Ultimate member, and i have 2 types of users, "geometra" and "notaio". In the form, some fields are visible to one user but not the other, and the entries are displayed in the font end of the website however, there are some fields that are visibile to both but only one of the should be able to edit the using the front end editor. Example to better understand (I have 3 fields in the form, "text1", "text_Geometra", "text2", the field "text_Geometra" should be seen by "notaio" but he should not be able to edit it) In the Formidable plugin form settings you can only set who can see the entries and who has permissions to modify the entries front end, so how can i make it so that when i press the edit button , only certain fields can be edited?
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 11 months ago
Does this help? https://formidableforms.com/knowledgebase/frm_setup_edit_fields_vars/#kb-set-fields-to-read-only-when-editing
Enrico Brugnoni replied 11 months ago

Yes, thank you very much!!

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