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By: Bryan Sattler | Asked: 01/20/2023
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Bryan Sattler asked 1 year ago

Anyone know how to style the advanced mortgage calculator? I want to have the inputs on the left and the Financial Analysis on the right. 


See attached screenshot for how it currently looks.

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
The advanced mortgage calculator uses 3 sections. You can configure it the way you want in a few simple steps. First, grab the move handle of the Financial Analysis section and drag it up and to the right of the Loan Information here it will automatically form a second column. Net, you have to move the content from section 3 into section 1. Here's a link to a short explainer video demonstrating how to do this:
Bryan Sattler replied 1 year ago

Wow! That was so easy. Thank you Victor for explaining this and for making the video. Much appreciated!

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