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By: Christopher Sticky | Asked: 07/10/2023
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Christopher Sticky asked 9 months ago

I have a form with two date selectors, start and end date. I have a hidden field that contains a user meta generated date. i would like to block submission and generate an error message if either of the dates is on or later than the user meta generated date. I have a script that i have been trying but with no success. As an FYI I have also had minimal success with user meta content in fields. Is this possible?

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
// The CSS classes of the two date fields
var dateField1 = $('#field_cxq7o');
var dateField2 = $('#field_fo9mi');

// The field key of the user meta date field
var blockedDateField = $('.frm_field[data-key="la1dv"]');

// Handler to the form's submit event
$('.frm_form').on('submit', function(e) {
// Get the selected dates from both fields
var selectedDate1 = new Date(dateField1.val());
var selectedDate2 = new Date(dateField2.val());

// Get the blocked date
var blockedDate = new Date(blockedDateField.val());

// Perform the date comparisons and block submission if necessary
if (selectedDate1 >= blockedDate || selectedDate2 >= blockedDate) {
e.preventDefault(); // Prevent form submission
alert('Submission blocked: one of the selected dates is on or after the restricted date.'); // Error message

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 9 months ago
There's a few suspect areas in your code. First, where are you finding an element named data-key in this line: $('.frm_field[data-key="la1dv"]'); There is no data element named data-key in any Formidable generated code unless you added it to your target field on the form's Customize HTML page. And a data property would be associated with the actual element, not a class in a parent div. Why are you targeting classes when you need the field values? The .frm_field class is in the wrapper div for the element. You're not getting that when you create objects from the fields themselves.
Victor Font replied 9 months ago

Next, why are you creating field objects instead of just getting the values? Your first two lines should be:

var dateField1 = $('#field_cxq7o').val(),
dateField2 = $('#field_fo9mi').val(),
blockedDateField = $('#field_la1dv').val();

You don't need any of the code instantiating new data fields.

Last, you should not be using the submit event to validate a field. You should be using as the hook.

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