Sync Formidable entries with WooCommerce tables

By: Julius hernández | Asked: 08/04/2023
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Julius hernándezJulius hernández asked 8 months ago
Is it possible to use the WooCommerce add-on to connect and sync a products form (created with Formidable Forms) with the products table in WooCommerce?
I have a form created in Formidable with a lot of product entries. I would need that fields of this form synchronize with the fields of products in WooCommerce, so when I update a product in the FF form the product in WooCommerce gets updated too. And viceversa, when a product in WooCommerce changes (quantity, etc) it gets updated the entry in the FF form. Is this possible?
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Victor Font answered 8 months ago
Anything can be done with Formidable. The WooCommerce add-on is more about orders and payments rather than products. However, you can use Formidable hooks to update WooCommerce products with custom code. You'd have to write the code yourself or hire a developer.
Julius hernándezJulius hernández replied 8 months ago

Thanks Victor. In a way I thought this would be a two-sided way of updating tables, as with the WordPress posts actions.

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

I've done a lot of custom WooCommerce work over the years where Formidable is used as the front end. WooCommerce has its own functions for updating fields. I call them from frm_after_create_entry.

Julius hernándezJulius hernández replied 8 months ago

That's a very useful detail for me. Thanks a lot! I'm going to dive in those waters now.

Julius hernándezJulius hernández replied 8 months ago

However, I've discovered that IT IS synchronizing products. If I edit an entry from my Formidable form that is linked with products, the product in the WooCommerce table changes accordingly.

Curiously, Formidable Support AI told me that it was possible, but a member of Formidable Support answered that was not.

Formidable is a great product despite of the vague solutions or anwers sometimes provided by the support team.

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

Formidable is a great product with a huge code base. When I built Codex V2, I discovered that 62% of the developer hooks available in the code base are undocumented. That's a lot a developer power that remains unexplored.

From studying Formidable's code base, I'm certain there is much more available to us as developers than we realize. I'll be releasing a video soon on how to test these undocumented treasures.

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