Trigger MODAL POPUP when action is completed

By: Michael Thomas | Asked: 08/31/2022
ForumsCategory: How-toTrigger MODAL POPUP when action is completed
Michael Thomas asked 2 years ago
I'm trying to work out how to trigger a dialog modal popup when an action is completed.  For example, if a new record is added to a form, recorded deleted, updated etc, I'd like a POPUP to spring up to show confirmation - i.e. Record Saved, Deleted etc. Can't workout out how to trigger Frmmodal on event? Thanks Mik
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
You should code all of that into the submit and update sections here -> As for delete, that is a different beast a bit. You'll want to read through this -> and decide how to hook it from there based on whatever method of deleting you are using.

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