Two-way lookup; Is it possible to use Formidable in the same way Excel can lookup with Index and Match.

By: Alex C | Asked: 04/29/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toTwo-way lookup; Is it possible to use Formidable in the same way Excel can lookup with Index and Match.
Alex C asked 12 months ago
Afternoon All!

I was hoping someone with superior knowledge could point me in the right direction, please.

I would like to have two dropdowns, as per my example and for argument's sake, one with row headers (Biscuits, Cakes and Pancakes) and the other with the column headers (Flour, Eggs and Milk).

When the user selects 'Pancakes' from the first dropdown and 'Milk' from the second, I would simply like to return the corresponding cell value in a text or number field. The cell values in the table are fixed, not calculated.

This is achieved with Index and Match in Excel, but I am not finding any obvious route using Formidable.

Ideally, I would import data via CSV, though I believe Formidable cannot import a table structured with headers on box columns and rows.

Looking forward to any advice,
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 12 months ago
Comparing an application builder to a spreadsheet is as different as night and day. They don't correlate. Nevertheless you can still build a form using a grid pattern like you've exampled in your photo. You mentioned building a database table. Formidable does not build database tables. It build forms that store their data in a fix metadata schema. See this:
Victor Font replied 12 months ago

So while you can build a form to display the data as you want, you won't be able to use dropdowns. You'll have to think of another approach to your custom app. I suggest contacting a develop from

Michael ClarkMichael Clark answered 12 months ago

Yep. Re-think your data structure just a little bit. Since your two dropdowns will have different data, each dropdown would pull data from separate form entries. Form A - Foods (Biscuits, Pancakes, etc), Form B - Ingredients (Flour, eggs, etc.).. and then have a third form, Form C - Measures, with two Lookup fields referencing Forms A and B, and a third field with a number field or text field or whatever, representing your measure. You could then use Views to display the data however you like. Nested views might do the trick in this instance. Another option is to try using a single form and a repeater field, then use a View or Views to display the data however you like. If it's too complicated to sort out, I can personally vouch for Formidable Masterminds. They've helped me immensely. Good Luck!

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