Use AI to retrieve data from a pdf

By: Michele McMurray | Asked: 02/29/2024
ForumsCategory: How-toUse AI to retrieve data from a pdf
Michele McMurray asked 3 months ago
CLients are required to upload a pdf of the registration they submit to various state agencies. I want to use the AI to retrieve other relevant data and the use the data to fill in various fields on the form. Anyone able to tell me how to do it?
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Victor Font answered 3 months ago

AI parsing of PDF documents is not possible with Formidable, but there are many dedicated tools on the market that offer this functionality. You'll need to research and find one that has an API Formidable can access. If the external tool has an API, it shouldn't be too difficult to effect a data transfer that solves your problem. Please let us know how it all works out for you.

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