Use Input/Output Field Values in Separate jQuery/JS program on Same Page

By: Kaevon Zanjani | Asked: 06/29/2022
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Kaevon Zanjani asked 2 years ago
Hi there,
I currently have a calculator form with input entries and an output value on my website. I have created this separate program using jquery, css, and html where the user enters 2 input values and it creates 2 circles based on the size/diameter. Link:
I plan to integrate this program onto my website and want to have the input values on the jquery form filled by the same input values from the formidable calculator input/output. Is there any way to do this or build something similar to this?
The end goal is to have the input/output values on formidable form and a 2d geometry visual graphic that goes along with it.   My website:  
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 2 years ago
Plug the HTML code into a "HTML" field type. Then put the code either within the form or on the page you are outputting the form. Then add the CSS (presuming it won't conflict with your theme styles) to the theme custom CSS. That should do it. You'll need to add some code to adopt all of that from your current to the "Formidable" way, but it should be doable.

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