Using Formidable with Pardot Form Handlers

By: Stacy Hummel | Asked: 03/30/2023
ForumsCategory: How-toUsing Formidable with Pardot Form Handlers
Stacy Hummel asked 1 year ago

Hi I am looking for any basic information on using FF with Pardot's form handlers. I have been using FF for years and this the first time I have come up completely empty in terms of documentation of implementing with other popular systems.

The only info I have found is a Zapier extension that creates prospects (too basic) and an action on Github that appears to be pretty old and would require a unique action for each form.

Surely someone is using both Formidable and Pardot in a more streamlined way?

2 Answers
Stacy Hummel answered 1 year ago

Really? No one is using Pardot?Pardot form handlers require you to be able to edit the submission url like so:<form action="unqiue pardot url here" method="post">Is this possible with Formidable?Thanks!

Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Never heard of Pardot until your post, but if Pardot has an API like Salesforce, you can use the API add-on to transfer info between the two systems. You may also be able to change the form action with jQuery, but it's likely going to break Formidable.

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