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By: David Batchelor | Asked: 11/17/2023
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David Batchelor asked 5 months ago
We are using Forms(Lite) and have 3 forms to collect data.  They all scale / reformat when the page width is changes on Windows, but do not reformat on a cell phone screen.   Have I missed an option?  Can I create 2 forms and determine which one to show - how?  Do I need a higher level package? Thanks David Batchelor
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
I just tested Formidable Lite in my development environment and mobile displays work perfectly. It's more likely that you system has a CSS conflict or caching issue. It's not possible for anyone to know if you missed an option without knowing what you've built or how. As for choosing between two forms, it can be done, but the how is really determined by your process.

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