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By: Mike Mason | Asked: 09/13/2023
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Mike Mason asked 7 months ago
Hello FF Community, I would like to sort out a hover function in a calendar view I've built using FF. Currently the event link in the calendar when clicked takes the user to another page showing the event fields I would like to use some HTML & CSS to enable a hover function to show the event fields which will make the user experience much better. One other thing I would like to do is add a thumbnail image with the event fields and the hover effect such as a band or other image related to the event. Code: I believe the HTML would be something like the following but not sure where that should go: <div class="myDIV">Hover over me.</div>        (should this be the Event link field ID?)
<div class="hide">I am shown when someone hovers over the div above.</div> The CSS would be something like the following and again not sure where that goes: .hide {
  display: none;

.myDIV:hover + .hide {
  display: block;
  color: red;

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