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By: Roel Van Aelst | Asked: 02/14/2024
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Roel Van AelstRoel Van Aelst asked 3 months ago
Hi,  I have a registration form in my Woo webshop. When someone registers, they get a dropdown with countrynames and I want the selected country to be the billing_country meta value. No problem so far. This works as it should. 
When the entry is made, the value = the selected countryname. Now the problem: In the accountpage, when i check the billing addres, the default woocommerce dropdown country-field is empty and my custumor needs te select the country again. 

How can I solve this ? 
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 3 months ago
It sounds like you may have to use jQuery to set the value of the second dropdown, but I really can't tell for certain from your description. I'd have to look at how the two dropdowns are created, which means testing on your site. I won't work on anyone's site without a paid project. Maybe another community volunteer can take a look at it for you pro bono.

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