WooCommerce Range Based LookUp For Pricing

By: Nic Windley | Asked: 08/09/2022
ForumsCategory: How-toWooCommerce Range Based LookUp For Pricing
Nic Windley asked 2 years ago

Hello Community
I have some complex pricing formulas that require lookups and I'm thinking about using Formidable Forms.
Due to the distribution of values 0-10000 it would be more efficient to be able to enter ranges instead of 10K discrete values.
What I would like to be able to do is define the ranges and their values and when a lookup value falls between the range to have the respective value returned.  Is this possible with FF ? If so, could you provide some pointers on how to achieve that please.
Example Range & Values
0-10 = 50
11-499 = 100
500-300 = 750
Many thanks,

Bobby Clapp replied 2 years ago

Would the ranges be a drop-down field or what kind of input field would that be?

Nic Windley replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the response Bobby. The ranging would be based on qty which is usually an input field.

Nic Windley replied 2 years ago

Great. I'll check it out. A lookup table would be ideal as I can auto generate that from something like Excel and I have about 50 breakpoints to deal with and 5 variations. However, I could probably auto generate the conditions based on the tabulated data in Excel.

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