Auto-populate fields based on API data returned - PAID HELP WANTED

By: Lawrence Smit | Asked: 03/24/2023
ForumsCategory: Paid Help WantedAuto-populate fields based on API data returned - PAID HELP WANTED
Lawrence Smit asked 1 year ago


I've built a form calculator, configured a Send API data action and can get the required information back as can be seen in the attached log.

What I need help with is updating the 9 fields on the form under API FEEDBACK based on what the API is returning.

I'm open to using any solution including 3rd party tools like Uncanny Automator if this helps.

I've attached screenshots which should help clarify what I've done and what is required I'd really appreciate any help.

WP Version: V6.1.1
Formidable Pro V6.1
Formidable API V1.13

I'm happy to discuss and pay for any custom development work required.

Kind regards

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